Snow Plowing & Snow Removal Services

Commercial and Residential Snow Plowing And Removal

We all know what the brutal upper midwest winters can bring us with unpredictable snow and ice storms always in the mix.

Patriot Lawn Works has extensive experience in commercial and residential plowing and sanding, we have the equipment and personnel to handle any storm mother nature throws at us. When it comes to snow removal during the winter season, proper snow removal and de-icing will ensure the safety of your employees and customers and reduce the risk of damage to your building, parking lot, and driveway.

We do snow removal for your walkways, driveways, or commercial business parking lot. We use our truck plows for big jobs and hand scoops for small jobs. Unpredictable winter snow can catch us all off guard. Patriot Lawn Works is professional, affordable and we take great pride in our quality of work.

Be safe, sign up early and be on our watch list for any snow removal service in your neighborhood. Want to gift someone a snow removal service? We’d love to help get it done for you so you can stay warm and take advantage of the busy winter holidays.

Patriot Lawn Works snow removal services include but is not limited to:
• Snow Plowing
• Snow Removal
• Snow Blowing
• Driveway Sanding
• Driveway Salting
• De-icing

Contact us at 651-247-9017 in Minnesota or 715-869-6205 in Wisconsin for Snow Plowing & Snow Removal services.

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