Pavers, Patios & Walkways

Is it time for a concrete paver transformation at your home or business? Are you looking to hire a paver, patio or walkway expert to service your home or commercial project? Then you’re in the right place! Whether it’s a new installation, restoration, repair, or resurfacing. You can expect the best service by the experienced professionals of Patriot Lawn Works.

Hardscaping features, such as a beautiful stone wall, dining area or fire pit, can transform your backyard, frontyard and business exterior into the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of. At Patriot Lawn Works, we don’t limit your options to merely different shades of concrete. There are a wide variety of colors, finishes, materials, textures, and styles of concrete, and we can include them into your landscape in unique and creative ways.

For years, Patriot Lawn Works has specialized in beautifying residential and commercial applications of all sizes with but certainly not limited to the following:

• Driveway Pavers
• Pool Deck Pavers
• Hardscaping
• Retaining Walls
• Boulder Walls
• Patios Pavers
• Outdoor Patios
• Garden Walkways
• Firepits
• Waterfalls & Fountains
• And more…

Whether you want a short walkway or a massive patio, Patriot Lawn Works has endless possibilities. Schedule a free estimate with Patriot Lawn Works and discover how you can update and add value to your home with superior exterior features!

In Wisconsin call 715-869-9017, in Minnesota call 651-247-9017

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